Episode 171: Lent Free?

One thought on “Episode 171: Lent Free?”

  1. On the subject of the length of Lent — Sundays are not included in the forty days. That means that whatever you have given up you can do on Sunday. My father always said he gave up going to church for Lent; he clearly didn’t understand the concept. By my count that means Holy Thursday, Good Friday, and Holy Saturday are included in the forty days. I am also wondering if you could (or have) talked about spiritual disciplines. I have heard Protestants talk admiringly of various spiritual disciplines but in a way that seems to border on the gnostic — as if we need to denigrate the body in some way to do good for the soul. Yet there is an aspect of suffering in fasting which is a biblical practice so I am wondering how we know where to draw the lines. Thanks


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