Episode 5: Rebuked by a Baptist

4 thoughts on “Episode 5: Rebuked by a Baptist”

  1. Happy to be one of the five!

    Because of my ecclesiastical connections, the issue of the well-meant offer is very important to me and has been on my mind for a number of years. I once took a strong position (Beza’s) against the use of the idea of “sufficiency” as opposed to “efficiency” but was made to reconsider it (with suitable qualifications) because of the following confession which I believe is found in the Act, Declaration, and Testimony (Ploughlandhead) of 1761 [but the only place I could find it is in the 1876 Steelite republication which included their own supplements]:

    VIII. OF THE GOSPEL OFFER.—They further declare, that, as God the Father, out of his unbounded love, has, on the footing of the infinite sufficiency of the death and sacrifice of Christ, made a free and unhampered gift; and grant of him, as an all-sufficient Savior, unto sinners of mankind lost, as such, in the word: so the ministers and embassadors of Christ (according as they are expressly authorized and commanded by him) are to publish this gospel, these glad-tidings of great joy to all the world, wherever they may be called or cast, in the providence of God, and make a full, free and unhampered offer of Christ and his whole salvation to sinners, without distinction, assuring them of God’s mercy and grace, through Christ, in whom he proclaims himself well pleased; of Christ’s omnipotent power and ability to save to the uttermost all that come unto God by him; and that there are no impediments, bars or hinderances, ab extra, between Jesus Christ, as held forth in the offer of the gospel, unto sinners lost, why they, even every one of them, may not receive and appropriate him, as the Lord their righteousness. And the above said frank and unhampered gift of Christ, and him crucified, by God the Father, as a full and all-sufficient Savior unto lost and ruined sinners, the presbytery view as the great and prime foundation, both of the ministerial offer, and of faith in the Lord Jesus, for life and salvation; as is clear from Rom. 10:14; 1Cor. 1:21-25; Isa. 45:1; Mark 16:15; John 3:16; Confess. chap. 7, sec. 3; larg. Cat. ques. 67; sh. Cat. ques. 31, &c.


    1. Thank you, hautzeng! What an excellent confession! That scratches exactly where I itch on this topic 🙂 I will be curious to know what you think of our round two discussion which should be out in about a week. Thanks for being one of the five!


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